(I.P.S. Superintendent of Police, Assam)

Great Trainer
Extremely good and useful self-defense and combat skills.
Would surely recommend him to anyone looking for serious training

(I.P.S. Superintendent of Police, Karnataka)

Anuj is an excellent & one of the best all round trainer for fitness cum self-defence with good technical expertise, brings out the best from his trainees & a knack for recognizing their strengths & weaknesses, further adding an advantage to his abilities. Added to these is the one character which is so missing in today's present world but which is found abundantly in him; a good man & a good friend.

(NDTV news Senior Anchor, Reporter & Editor)

I have had an outstanding stint with Anuj Saini as my Self Defence trainer. Anuj is a skilled and compassionate trainer but pushes you to reach new levels of endurance, skill and strength, essential in picking up advanced techniques in Self Defence. There are several other advantages in being trained by Anuj. Self Defence is not only about offensive and defensive techniques to handle a crisis. Courses run by Anuj ensure that a trainee reaches a level of physical and mental conditioning that is a huge benefit in day to day life. I felt mentally refreshed at the end of each session, more focussed at work and physically stronger even at the end of a full day at work.

(Managing Director, Jindal Stainless Steel - Hisar)

Great workout.
High Intensity.
A mix of everything.
Great Trainer & Motivator.

(Equity Trader)

I went to kickboxing about 7-8 years ago and that guy made me do the same boxing move for 3 months in a row and the majority time would go in warmimg up. I didnt learn any drill or technique which would help in REAL situation.

The most real self-defense systems I have ever seen and learnt has been with Anuj Saini's classes. His methods and techniques are a mix of Boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu and many other martial art techniques and he has formed all together in a way which is applicable in real life fight situations not just gimmicky cage fights.I highly recommend Anuj Saini as a Self defense instructor.Anuj Saini means passion and commitment. I have trained with him for over 3 years and I might fall short of words in explaining how committed he is to this field. I have seen him conducting classes when he had a severe back problem. In a state where a normal person wouldnt muster the courage to get up from the bed, he would do all his travelling and take the classes with full passion. You try buying him with money you'll be disappointed. You show him the same passion and commitment he will train you as if he is your personal trainer.

In short, if you really want to learn to defend yourself and your loved ones go for just one class of his. In the very first class you'll learn at least one technique which is so simple yet so lethal that it can knock out the attacker. And yeah there is an added advantage too: Great Cardio Workout!!


I am Dr Gaurav Sharma and i am a pediatrician.i have been in contact with Anuj Sir since my days of training in self defense about 5 years back. He is a complete trainer who makes u go through hell so that u dont face the same situation in real life. A simple example which i faced was getting pinned down by a 100+ kg opponent and i was unable to escape. Anuj sir was quietly observing and when i had completely exhausted myself,he came to me and told me where i was going wrong.the next time my opponent tried the same thing, this time he was on the ground biting the dust. Another thing which Anuj sir made us do was to run barefoot on the road so that it actually makes us tougher and increases our endurance.Dont believe what i have written but just go to him and observe for urself to know what u are missing. Regards Dr Gaurav Sharma

(Software Engineer Adobe Systems Noida)

I had no experience of any Martial art or any endurance training but I remember coming for the first class late and starting kicking the bag and slow fighting which then moved into sparring and you telling my sparring partner to corner me and hit even when I was on the ground after getting a kick in stomach, well that was the first lesson that do not expect anyone to be nice in a fight whether on street or in class even though we do restrain our strength while training. I still find that your focus on the real world threat situation. Martial art like any other sport have chance of injuries and really admire your emphasis all the gears and safety while training. Training did not just ended in the class you have always given importance to keeping the trainee motivated even between any gap they have in training. You have been pointing out threat situation and incidence specially in Delhi very bluntly , however that the way reality is and we are training for that ".
My Profile : I work for Adobe Systems Noida as a Software Engineer and my job is maintaining a good quality product.
Thanks & Regards,
Manoj Yadav

(Senior Manager- Public Relations and Marketing)

I started training in defense on a trial basis to understand if I will be able to match up the required skills. Days passed by and then months and then over a year and I continued training with Anuj Sir. I have hardly seen, met any other instructor so diligently involved in training students of all age group out of real passion. Anuj Sir had this contagious energy and passion that it got passed on to all of us. I have trained under him and I can proudly say his defense training is unbeatable and he has the capability and ability to bring out the real fighter in you. He taught me never to quit and scared of being a woman but continue practicing till you get each and every move right.
"Knowing is not enough we must apply, willing is not enough we must do"
Nupur Chandra
Senior Manager- Public Relations and Marketing
Crowne Plaza Today Gurgaon

(Lawyer - In-house Legal Counsel Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore)

Anuj Sir is sincere, dedicated, and extremely passionate about Martial Arts. He pushes girls to try harder and fight better, which is why I feel very lucky to have trained with him. A very inspiring instructor.

(Student 12th Class)

Anuj sir really pushes you to work hard and never give up. I did self defence classes with him for two years and in that time he taught me how to be aware, alert and be able to take care of myself. Not only does Anuj sir teach self defence brilliantly, but he also inspires you to fight for what you believe in.

(Senior Analyst, Copal Partners)

I have been associated with Anuj sir for more than 4.5 year now, i started learning self defense when i just started my college and really had little background in any kind of martial arts.

Initially the first few weeks of training were intense, and they really were a eye opener on what kind of threats you may face in the streets. I have learned several techniques from Anuj sir to tackle various threats that we may encounter, Knife threats, Multiple attackers situations, preventive techiniques and off course even escaping by running away from threats when required !!

While the above reasons may look good, since you can learn rolls, high kicks and several other techniques, but teaching you how to apply them under pressure is best learned from Anuj sir. He pushes you to your limit, and this is what makes the difference between you landing in trouble and reaching your home safely.

I have had wonderful training partners of different age groups, but what made us a good batch was hunger to learn and train, and this was direct influence of Anuj sir. The moment we entered the class we knew we would be tested today and learn something that will not only help us in protecting ourself but also people besides us.

I will sign off by saying that, if you really view self defense as your responsibility then you will not find a Instructor better than Anuj sir.

(Senior IT Associate with Dell International Services, Noida)

I started learning Self Defence during my college days, and was really fortunate to train under a teacher like Anuj sir.

He always trained us as if we were fighting a real criminal or a bad guy, and always told me that if I fight well in training, only then will I be able to fight well in a real situation. This thing really instilled confidence in me, because one gets really panicked and anxious when a real situation comes up, on the street, while travelling, it’s the hard training that prepares you to face such situations.

I work in the IT industry, and many times we need to stay back till late in office, for work. Travelling back to home at late night is often not safe, especially in NCR, and one needs to be prepared to protect oneself and others, if the need arises. Security situation in Delhi-NCR is worsening by the day, frequent rapes and molestation incidents are reported.One needs to take responsibility of his/her own protection, and this is where Self-Defense proves valuable
Besides acting as your shield, Self Defense and Martial Art forms also are great ways to keep fit and healthy.

Thanks to Anuj sir, I have turned from a shy guy to a Confident individual, who can stand up and fight for himself, and others, if need be.
I would encourage everyone to learn Self-Defense, because your protection and well-being is your own responsibility.

(Vigilance Officer - Indian Council for Cultural Relations)

I took training of self defence under Shri Anuj Saini Sir. Its a live changing exprience for me. I was leading sedentry lifestyle. I developed self defence skills on real time basis, I developed self deciplined, well organized , a very positive mindset and quick reflexes both physical and mental to deal with day to day problems. I feel confidant and physically fit. Thanks to Anuj Saini Sir. All the best to him.

(Student - Computer Engineering)

Learning self defense from you is an awesome experience. It has really changed my life not just I am a more confident person now , I am not scared of any bullies around me anymore.
Although I have a well built physique but two skinny guys were able to beat me up before I learned self defence from you but now I realize that having bulky body does not make you a real fighter , even girls who have learnt self defence from you can easily beat guys who spend countless hours in gym.
The best thing about learning self defense from you is that we train in real life scenerios like knife attacks, gun attacks and multiple people attacking you and we get to fight with other students and realize where we stand in the real world.
Even by the fitness point of view the way we guys train no gyms, fitness centres can replace it. I laugh out at people who think kick boxing in air makes them a fighter, with regular sparring we guys are not scared to get hit and this is a major advantage to us. I have better reflexes than before
In the end I would like to close by saying why compromise when you can learn military level training in such a small time and girls really need this self defense training with the number of crimes growing against them.
Himanshu Kochhar (aka demolition man)

Senior Research Executive (Social Research)

For over 2 years I have been practicing self defense under the guidance of Mr. Anuj Saini and I can say with absolute confidence that he is one of the best in the business. I have met very few who are as passionate as he. For him training (not money) is the first priority.

If you wish to train with him, please be warned that it is not going to be easy. He will raise the bar very high – full-on sparring included. But, if you manage to survive, it is tremendously rewarding – mentally and physically.

I am grateful to him and wish him the very best.

Krishna Kumar G
Senior Research Executive (Social Research)
Research & Development Initiative Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

(College Student)

Like every other kid, I too grew up watching Chinese guys doing death defying stunts, doing acrobats, which i later got to know is called Martial Arts. As a kid i was so enthralled by these guys(still am) that i desperately wanted to be like them, but then I grew up, realized the bitter truth that these were not feasible, practical. I need something effective & simple, where i can decapitate the 'bad guy' & beat a hasty retreat (yes, there is no shame in it, life is too precious to be a wannabe).
I met this guy, our sir, through an acquaintance, joined his classes and i can proudly say we go back quite a long way, I've been practicing with Sir for the past per se, 5yrs.(on & off). yes, he is a hard task-master, I've been down & out, battered & bruised in his dojo, but that made me a confident guy on street, a guy who can defend himself against a fair no. of odds, no, i am not saying i can kick anyone's ass, but i sure can defend skinny one of mine. I owe my whole martial arts knowledge to this guy, whatever little that I've. He is the BE(a)ST out there, keeps it simple, effective & hardcore.
"When Self-defense becomes complicated, it is no longer self defense" - R. HOOVER
well, this should pretty much sum it up what i have been trying to say here.

(Country Manager, Yara Fertilisers India Pvt Limited)

Dear Anuj Sir,

I consider myself to be lucky to have been trained in Self Defense under your guidance for over an year. The self-defense classes were both fun and challenging...Fun because of the fantastic bonding that you made sure was cultivated amongst your students and challenging as you always raised the bar - class after class !!

The most important part of the self-defense classes that you brought a realism in the classes by ensuring that the sparring was done in an earnest manner ...A punching bag never hits back while the opponent does !! After training with you, one feels physically fit and supremely confident in taking on any task ...let alone defending oneself against any physical attack. I did feel my fitness levels go up tremendously while undergoing training with you.

I fully intend to rejoin your fantastic classes once I regain a reasonable fitness level ( as mentioned to you I have been lying low for sometime due to my eye operations )....Hope to join again in a month or so !!

Good luck , Sirjee and many thanks !!

Thanks and Best Regards

(Senior Manager In a multinational corp, MBA – Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, B.Tech- National Institute of Technology, Bhopal)

Anuj Sir is an expert level trainer in the art of self defense. The techniques taught by him are an amalgamation of various reputable forms of martial arts. These tactics seem to be more relevant to a real world combat situation. Anuj Sir believes in improvising which makes him unpredictable in a bout. Apart from being an excellent trainer, he is a good motivator too. Training with him means taking your energy & skill to beyond your limits. Self defense art is not only his profession but his passion & dream career. During my training with him for almost two years, he has been a exemplary teacher and a good friend.

(Consultant, Deloitte & Touche LLP)

I have been a martial art enthusiast all my life and kept wondering why don't more and more people take it up to learn either self defense, fitness or just to express their physical determination. Then, I trained under Anuj, who has been a great inspiration and motivation in the field. Training under him made me realize that a person's self determination keeps fluctuating and if your trainer doesn't push you hard enough you'll eventually quit. That is where Anuj kicks in! No, I mean he'll literally kick you and tell you to buck up and perform better because when you're in a brawl/eve-tease/quarrel, quitting won't save you - fighting will! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Anuj for boosting all his students to learn more and shed that fear of being afraid to stand up for yourself. I will highly recommend him to any individual who wants to get to know the art of Self Defense and physical fitness.

(Sr. Manager Standard Chartered, Delhi)

Learning martial arts basics from Anuj Sir was a great experience. It was a refreshing break from the mundane gym regime and made my body tougher. The drills for self defense and counter attack were very practical and can come in handy in ugly situations of life.
Martial arts is a injury prone sports, thus it is important to train with quality coah like Anuj Sir.
Prateek Kumar

(Professor of Spanish)

Hello, I trained under Mr. Anuj Saini as an instructor and in the process I came to admire him as a great guide as well as a friendly teacher. His skills with Self Defense are matched by very few in the Indian subcontinent. His training methods are very realistic and efficient.
Thank you,
Madhuvan Sharma
Professor of Spanish as a foreign language, Instituto Cervantes, Embassy of Spain, New Delhi

(Project Leader - IBM)

I was trained and coached by Anuj in self defense tactics and personal fitness program. Anuj got excellent self defense skills and training acumen, coupled with his sound human body knowledge allowed him to see the bigger picture.

A proactive person with good planning skills, Anuj adds value to any organization and groom and nurture talent which can defend him/her self in any adverse scenario.

Now a days fitness and self defense are need of the time and each one of us should get trained for the same.

And I recommend Anuj Saini "Self defense instructor" for the same.

(Personal Trainer, Fitness First India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai)

Training with anuj sir has always been an awesome experience for me. I always had been an admirer of his form & technique and tried to learn from him as much as I could, during his classes. Although I was new to martial arts when I first met him, I progressed quite well under his simple yet effective coaching style. Wishing you all the very best for your future endeavors sifu. Long way to go!

(Fitness trainer, freelance)

I have trained the self defence intensive training course under Anuj. He's the most sorted out, extremely focused, dedicated and with the vast experience he is the best man for the job. I feel everyone should know how to defend themselves as its really worse on the streets. Anuj has the experience and skills to train you to prepare for any kind of real time situation. With the growing crime rate in India it is best to rely on yourself than others.

(Business Consultant - Igate Patni Global Solutions)

Learning Self-defense is not only about learning a few kicks & punch, it is more about grooming a personality, a confident mind & a positive soul. Under Anuj sir's training anyone will achieve that mind set of enduring any physical regime. After every session we used to come out with full satisfaction & an excitement to come for the next class.

Outside class also Anuj sir will always create a wonderful experience with Get-togethers, birthday celebrations & burger-day-out etc. In simple words, sir will always turn the students into a family & I still feel lucky to have found a wonderful set of people in that training room.

(Fashion Designer)

Hi, my name is Hemant Kaushik, I am a fashion designer by profession and I have been pursuing SELF DEFENSE & COMBAT training under Mr Anuj Saini, my experience to train under him is very good as a good trainer always raise the bar for the trainee to achieve peak performance ,he makes sure to increase endurance, stamina, technique in the trainee with balance for better performance.


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