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Considering the ever increasing crime rate in India, Self Defence Training has become extremely important esp. for women/girls. So it’s mandatory to arm ourselves & our family with fighting skills via means of Martial Arts Training

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We offer a wide range of Self-Defense, Fitness and Personalized Training services



Indispensable defense techniques

Learn defense techniques against all armed and unarmed attacks, release techniques from all sorts of grabs and holds, protect yourself against real life day-to-day threats and much more.

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Reach your own personal fitness goals

We offer a range of fitness and wellness services and instructional programs, including your own Fitness Assessment tests. These services are designed to meet all your health and physical well-being requirements.

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Personalized Training

Custom programmes to meet your needs

We also offer completely customized services, to meet your personal requirements for learning self-defense, meeting your fitness targets, weight-loss, Yoga, aerobics exercises for strength and so on.

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We are so proud of the grooming that we provide to our students. Please take a moment and read what they have to say about their experience undergoing training with us

I have had an outstanding stint with Anuj Saini as my Self Defence trainer.

VISHNU SOM (NDTV news Senior Anchor, Reporter & Editor)

I have had an outstanding stint with Anuj Saini as my Self Defence trainer. Anuj is a skilled and compassionate trainer but pushes you to reach new levels of endurance, skill and strength, essential in picking up advanced techniques in Self Defence. There are several other advantages in being trained by Anuj. Self Defence is not only about offensive and defensive techniques to handle a crisis. Courses run by Anuj ensure that a trainee reaches a level of physical and mental conditioning that...

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Anuj is an excellent trainer with good technical expertise.

IADA MARTIN (I.P.S 2009 Batch National Police Academy)

Anuj is an excellent trainer with good technical expertise, which along with his great physical shape and indomitable spirit makes him one of the best all round trainers in self defence. A tough work master with the ability to bring out the best from his trainees and a knack for recognizing their strengths and weaknesses further adds an advantage to his abilities. Added to these is the one character which is so missing in today’s present world but which is found abundantly in him; a good man; a good friend.

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We strive to deliver a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our customers/students.

If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have friendly, knowledgeable representatives available seven days a week to assist you.

Mobile: 09871705100

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